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Can't generate output for dataset with single-point time axis


I am investigating how to get GrADS running behind LAS.

I loaded a dataset on my test system with only a single time to see what
kind of XML the LAS UI would generate. However there is a problem - the
time value being sent in the XML request is invalid.

This is the dataset:


The addXml script generates the following:

doc="" name="BATS cover classification interpolated to 1x1 degree">
   <vegclass name="landcover class ">
    <link match="/lasdata/grids/vegclass_bats_time_lat_lon_grid"/>
  <link match="/lasdata/axes/vegclass_bats_time"/>
  <link match="/lasdata/axes/vegclass_bats_lat"/>
  <link match="/lasdata/axes/vegclass_bats_lon"/>
 <vegclass_bats_time units="days" type="t">
  <v>1982-Jul-01 00:00:00
 <vegclass_bats_lat units="degrees_north" type="y">
  <arange start="-59.5" step="1" size="150"/>
 <vegclass_bats_lon units="degrees_east" type="x">
  <arange start="-179.5" step="1" size="360"/>

but when I generate a request, it comes out with the time set to Jan-16,
like this:

XML: <?xml version="1.0"?><lasRequest package="" href="file:las.xml"
><link match="/lasdata/operations/grads" /><properties ><ferret ><size
>.5</size><format >grads</format></ferret></properties><args ><link
match="/lasdata/datasets/vegclass_bats/variables/vegclass" /><region
><range low="18.0" type="x" high="70.0" /><range low="-1.0" type="y"
high="66.0" /><point v="16-Jan" type="t" /></region></args></lasRequest>
CACHE: true

And even when I try to do a ferret plot i get this message:

Illegal Limits

Sorry ... 

    There are no data available at 16-JAN      00:00
    The data begin at 30-JUN-1982 12:00 and continue to 01-JUL-1982

Please try again with a time that lies within this range. 

I am unable to find where this time value is getting set in the servlet
code. Please help..


- Joe

Joe Wielgosz / joew@cola.iges.org
Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies (COLA)
Institute for Global Environment and Society (IGES)

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