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Re: ALT Tag on World Map


The <image ...> tag in ui.xml specifies which image to use in the
LiveMap applet.  This is LAS specific xml and there is nothing in the
LAS code that understands an 'alt' property on the <image ...> tag.

I'm not sure why you want to add an 'alt' tag as the image is only used
in the applet.  It is never directly accessed by the browsers.  And
there is already an error message page that comes up for browsers with
java disabled.

-- Jon

Robin Kovach wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am trying to put an html alt="World Map" tag on the LAS main world map. I've
> tried add a tag to the upper.html files and the ui.xml files but with no luck.
> I don't know java but have looked up that 'alt' should work as in .html. Do you
> have any suggestions. Below are the things I have tried already.
> Thank you,
> Robin Kovach
> kovach@mohawk.gsfc.nasa.gov
> ui.xml
>     <images>
>         <image name="Image_StdWorld" url="gifs/java_0_world.gif"
>                alt="World Map" bounds="-180,180,-90,90"/>
>     </images>
> upper.html, upper_compare.html, upper_nocompare.html, upper_std.html
>   <TR>
>     <TD colspan="2" ALIGN="left" VALIGN="top" BGCOLOR="white">
>       <APPLET CODEBASE="LiveMap/classes/"
>         ARCHIVE="LiveMap_30.jar"
>         CODE="LiveMap_30.class"
>         NAME="map" MAYSCRIPT WIDTH=525 HEIGHT=160 ALT="World Map">
>          <PARAM NAME=base_image VALUE="gifs/java_0_world_20k.jpg">
>          <PARAM NAME=toolType VALUE="XY">
>          <PARAM NAME=img_x_domain VALUE="-180 180">
>          <PARAM NAME=img_y_domain VALUE="-90 90">
>          <PARAM NAME=tool_x_range VALUE="-180 180">
>          <PARAM NAME=tool_y_range VALUE="-90 90">
>          <PARAM NAME=debug VALUE="true">
>          <PARAM NAME=alt VALUE="World Map">
>       </APPLET>
>     </TD>
>   </TR>
> </TABLE>

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