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comparison between datasets from different categories

Hello All,

In order to group my data sets into categories meaningful to my users, I followed instructions posted on the LAS FAQ (http://ferret.wrc.noaa.gov/Ferret/LAS/FAQ/data_categories.html)

So I have two categories and three configuration files, las.xml, las1.xml and las2.xml

My LAS is working fine with any data set from any category when I select "single variable" on the LAS main page.

My LAS is still working fine when I ask for a comparison between two datasets from the same category.

BUT I get an error message when I try to make a comparison between two datasets from two different categories. I get this error message :

LAS Error
The following error message was received from LAS:
Can't find match target '/lasdata/datasets/Aggregated_MSLA/variables/grid_0001' at 'Aggregated_MSLA' at ../xml/perl/LAS.pm line 828

Unfortunately, my LAS server is not yet publically available. I had a look to other LAS sites and I found that exactly the same problem occurs at the AOMIP LAS (http://hamish.cims.nyu.edu/las/main.pl)

Is it a known problem and is there any work around ?

I use LAS v5.40 and Ferret v5.40

Thank You.
Paul Hasenohr

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