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Re: Ignored Parameters [was Re: memory error]

Hi Mark,

Both the do_contours and memsize work for me (the do_contour = 1 for turning off contours is a documentation typo, by the way). A couple of things to look at:

- Are you using LAS v5.2? The memsize parameter only works in 5.2
- LAS caches data/graphics requests. If you change the XML file and then request data from LAS without changing the requested region or product type, then you won't see any changes because the cached version will be used. You can get around this by removing all files in the lasxml/server/output directory after each request.

At 11:33 AM 6/12/2002 -0600, Mark A Ohrenschall wrote:
Upgrading ferret has fixed the memory problem -- yippee!

However, I would like to pursue another issue. It seems that certain ferret properties in my LAS XML configuration file are being ignored. The memsize property is one (though this seems less important now) and do_contour is another.

According to http://ferret.wrc.noaa.gov/Ferret/LAS/Documentation/v5_installation.html#Customizing_LAS do_contour should be set to 1 to turn off contours(!), but I have found that setting this parameter to either 0 or 1 has no effect. I've achieved a work-around by adding the contour_levels property like so:

<contour_levels>(-99999, -99998, 1)</contour_levels>



Joe Sirott wrote:
Upgrade to ferret v5.40. Previous versions of Ferret had a fixed limit on
the amount of memory that could be allocated for graphics. That was removed
in v5.40

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