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Re: perl URI::URL and LAS 5


Thanks for the reply. I guess I should have looked in the archive.

But I do have the suggestion that rather than expecting ordinary
LAS installers to have to learn about the need for this patch and
figure out how to modify their perl installation, the whole
problem would go away if the configure.pl script simply added
the line 

use URI::URL;

somewhere before the 'new' call. I think this would work regardless
of whether the module patch is installed, since if URI::URL is 
already loaded, this statement becomes a no-op.

On Tue, 15 Jan 2002, Cyndy Chandler wrote:

> Dave,
> You're not the first to come across this problem.  There is a message in
> the archives from a few months ago that references an article from 
> comp.lang.perl.modules.  Hope this is useful info.
> ~ Cyndy

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