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LAS Users' Get Together at the AMS in Orlando

Announcing an LAS Users' Get Together at the AMS in Orlando 

  Chuck Hakkarinen of the Electric Power Research Institute 
  has once again offered to sponsor a Birds of a Feather 
  gathering immediately following the Tuesday, Jan. 15'th talks 
  at the AMS/IIPS meeting in Orlando.  This will be a great 
  opportunity for those using or interested in using LAS to 
  share ideas with each other and with the developers. 

  We'll meet on January 15'th from 15:30 to 17:30 in room 311-B, 
  just downstairs from the IIPS meeting.  Drinks and snacks will 
  be provided.  Our conference room will have internet access as 
  well as an overhead projector so you are encouraged to show
  off your work in whatever form you like.  We'd especially like
  to hear from any of you who have adapted LAS to meet your
  site's special needs. 
  The core LAS team (Joe Sirott, Steve Hankin, and myself) will
  all be at the AMS meeting this year so you will get a chance
  to meet with all of us and find out what is in the works for
  the next release of LAS. 

  We look forward to meeting with all of you and finding out 
  what you are doing and how LAS might be improved to meet your 
  needs.  LAS version 6, which is under development, provides an
  opportunity to address new requirements. 

  This get together will be a great chance for you to 
  discuss issues with other users and help direct our future work.

  We look forward to meeting you all. 

-- Jon Callahan (for Steve, Joe, and myself)

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