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Re: Shaded GIF Plot and Missing Values


You are seeing the effects of caching by LAS.  I asked for a plot of the
whole region and finally saw what you were referring to.  It appears
that the netCDF file was incorrect originally but has since been
corrected.  When asking for a plot of the whole region, LAS was
returning a cached image generated before the correction.  However, when
I ask for a subregion or when you ask for special plot options, a new
plot is generated.

LAS keeps copies of images around in case they are requested again, thus
speeding up the response time for popular requests.  You can remove the
entries from the cache like this:

mohawk> rm lasxml/server/output/*

You may still see the bad image when you request it again because most
browsers also cache images.  A simple Shift-Reload in the browser should
get you the newly generated image.

-- Jon

Robin Kovach wrote:
> Hello again Jonathan,
> That is strange? The plot I get for the Surface Height for the POSEIDON data set
> ranges from zero to 1.e12. But if I try the same plot with OPTIONS, the range is
> normal (0 to 3).
> The plots for the COADS climatology come out fine.
> I will try it on another machine.
> Thanks for looking!
> Robin

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