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XML Includes


I have been following the FAQ: Keeping files separate with XML includes but 
can't seem to regenerate the user interface correctly.

I want to include the las.xml file and the POSEIDON_Pacific.xml file.

The steps I follow are:

1. touch las.xml

2. ../xml/perl/addXml.pl --out_inc las.xml POSEIDON_Pacific.xml

Then I've tried step three two different ways, both cause errors

3a. ./xml/perl/genLas2.pl -d ../ui las.xml 
    When I shift reload the browser, it goes through several steps, I see the    
    LAS screen loading but then it errors out with:
    Version change
    The Live Access Server you are using has been reconfigured. If you want to   
    use this server, you need to shutdown and restart
    your browser.

    If you still get this message after restarting your browser, check your
    browser cache settings.
    I've restarted Apache, cleared cache but no change

3b. ./xml/perl/genLas2.pl -d ../ui las.xml POSEIDON_Pacific.xml
     This gives an error on the command line of:
     junk after document element at line 2, column 0, byte 109:

    <institution name="NSIPP NASA Seasonal to Interannual Prediction Project" 
    at /opt/perl/lib/site_perl/5.005/alpha-dec_osf/XML/Parser.pm line 185

I've set up my xml files correctly according to the FAQ. Is there something I'm 
doing wrong in these steps?

Thanks a lot!!

Robin Kovach

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