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Re: Problem using LAS with long-term mean file...


Thanks for the debugging tricks.  Very handy.

Joe Sirott wrote:

> This error pretty much means what it says -- you specified a region for 
> a dataset that is outside of the region defined by the metadata in the 
> dataset file (or DODS URL). This could happen if your XML metadata is 
> out of synch in some way with the metadata in the dataset file.

Ok, so this problem is a manifestation of an old problem.  Namely a climatology 
a time axis based in year 0001 rather than year 0000.  Hacking Ferret.pl to 
change the string being appended from '0000' to '0001' in fixArg fixes the 
problem for a simple plot, but not the comparison.  Jon details a fix for LAS V 
4.0 in this message:


I have what I believe the latest LAS release installed (V5.0) and Ferret Version 
5.22 - 07/27/00.  Is the fix he outlines in the message above the approach I 
should take to fix my problem?


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