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Re: time dimension problem


One workaround is to set up LAS so that the time axis for the variable doesn't use time units. For instance:

    <TIME type="t" units="foo">
     <arange start="1895" step="1" size="100"/>

Dave Brown wrote:

I am trying to use LAS to serve a dataset with 3d variables that
represent yearly averages (time x lat x lon). The time dimension has
units of "calendar year", is of float type, and each coordinate variable
element is simply the value of a year, starting with 1895. Even though
ferret seems to be able to read and plot this dataset without any problem,
the LAS does not seem to like it. LAS seems to expect all time coordinates
to be specified with a month and day along with the year. Is this in fact
the case, and if so, is there a work-around for this problem?

 -dave brown

Joe Sirott
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