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Re: time dimension problem


The details of the XML specification are available at:


But a quick answer to your question is:

When you specify a time axis with the Arange element <arange ...> you
need to specify a month and day.

The way to get around this is to define the axis as if it were irregular
using the Velement <v>...</v> notation to create specific values for
your axis:

  <your_data_TIME type="t" units="years">

-- Jonathan Callahan

Dave Brown wrote:
> I am trying to use LAS to serve a dataset with 3d variables that
> represent yearly averages (time x lat x lon). The time dimension has
> units of "calendar year", is of float type, and each coordinate variable
> element is simply the value of a year, starting with 1895. Even though
> ferret seems to be able to read and plot this dataset without any problem,
> the LAS does not seem to like it. LAS seems to expect all time coordinates
> to be specified with a month and day along with the year. Is this in fact
> the case, and if so, is there a work-around for this problem?
>  -dave brown
>  dbrown@ucar.edu

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