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Re: Custom Levels

"Mark A. Verschell" wrote:

> 2) Use shade/over to plot successive levels. E.g.,
> shade/lev=(0)(10)(20)(30)(42)(58)(75)(95)(120)(150)(185)(225)(275)(335) var
> shade/over/lev=(405)(485)(580)(695)(835)(1005)(1210)(1455)(1745)(2085) var
> shade/over/lev=(2480)(2940)(3475)(4100)(4825)(5650)(6525) var
> Of course, this works better with contour - as you either get a wrong key, or
> you must say /nokey with the first one and get - no key.
> Perhaps you could do a shade plot with no key and then overlay a contour with
> the values. Be sure to use the /pen command with the multiple contours to get
> the same pen for each contour plot.

Unfortunately I need the key because it contains an important
information in this case (you might have noticed that I want to plot a
topography, and the key is therefore the vertical discretization). And,
because I want to do a shade, it is not possible to get informations
from an overlying contour command.

Is there any possibility to generate the key step by step? 



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