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Re: Custom Levels

Glenn Carver wrote:
> At 5:57 pm +0000 1/12/99, Arne Biastoch wrote:
> >It seems that the command becomes too long for FERRET.
> >Is there a way to read shade levels from a variable? E.g. like
> >
> >shade/lev=$zlev var
> >where zlev is a variable containing the 31 levels
> I'm not sure if this would work but you could try defining a string
> ('Symbols' as ferret calls 'em). e.g.
> define symbol levs=(0)(10)(20)(30)(42)(58)(75)(95)(120)(150)(185)(225)(275)
> shade/lev=($levs)

This works only for the example above. The problem arises again when a
longer list of levels (actually 31) should be used. Then FERRET crashes
as before with the same error message.

But thank you for your suggestion. Any other hints??



Dr. Arne Biastoch
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