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label centered horizontally and vertically

  Hi -

I have created a scatter plot of monthly averaged model data against
observations using ferret v5.0 running Comapaq Tru64 (Digital Unix).  I
use the label command to create each point on the plot where a digit
corresponds to the month of the data (see below).  When I do this, the
digit is centered horizontally, but not vertically.  (The label command
only has options for horizontal centering.)  In other words, the true
value of the data lies to the bottom and center of each digit.  Is there a
slick way to center the digit vertically?  (I would prefer to not have to
artificially shift the digit downwards.)

Here is an example of the plot:

plot/nolabel/vs/ylimit=`xy1`:`xy2`:`dxy`/xlimits=`xy1`:`xy2`:`dxy` -1*p,q
repeat/l=4:9 (let x`l`=p[l=`l`]; let y`l`=q[l=`l`])
label `x4`,`y4`,0,0,0.16 @P1@AC4
label `x5`,`y5`,0,0,0.16 @P1@AC5
label `x6`,`y6`,0,0,0.16 @P1@AC6
label `x7`,`y7`,0,0,0.16 @P1@AC7
label `x8`,`y8`,0,0,0.16 @P1@AC8
label `x9`,`y9`,0,0,0.16 @P1@AC9

On a less important note, does anyone know how to place the label command
inside of the repeat loop?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

  - Jeremy

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