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MC netCDF datasets

Hi Ferret users,

I use NCEP reanalysis monthly means files from noaa/cdc.
The filenames are as follows :
(21 variables).

Each file contains 1 scientific variable.
All files share a common time axis which spans from 1958 to 1999, with a timestep
of 1 month.

I would like to build a Multi netCDF dataset with all these files, to allow
my Live Access Server to point to it as a single dataset with 21 variables.

I have browsed the manual, the FAQ, the mail archive, the .des sample files included in the
distribution and also the gt_des_annot.txt . 

I am still unable to understand how to build the .des file.
Are MC datasets useful only for concatenation along the time axis ?

Can anyone help me ?

Jean-Louis Monge       tel. (33.1)69 33 45 35
CNRS/LMD               fax. (33.1)69 33 30 05
Ecole Polytechnique
91128 Palaiseau Cedex  monge@lmd.polytechnique.fr

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