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*** Announcing Live Access Server Version 2.1 ***

*** Announcing Live Access Server Version 2.1 *** 

The Live Access Server is a highly adaptable data server which works
with Ferret to make datasets available to users through a web browser. 
We are happy to release LAS2, a new version of the Live Access Server.

LAS2 has the following new features: 

1) interactive, javascript interface 
2) data output types now include VRML (ArcView Gridded and Vis5D to be
added soon) 
3) data fusion allows intercomparison between datasets (partially
4) DODS networking enables access to remote data sets 
5) sister servers allow multiple sites to create collaborative databases 

A proto-type example of LAS2, serving just a few data sets, is
available  at: 


(The older LAS may be seen at
http://ferret.wrc.noaa.gov/fbin/climate_server )

LAS2.1 is written in perl and javascript. It is available for download
as source code with configuration files and installation instructions. 
Please note that LAS2.1 is designed for version 4 browsers, only. It has
been tested with both Netscape and Internet Explorer on PCs and Macs. 

You may download LAS2 from the bottom of the following page 


  Happy Ferreting!

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