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Announcing Ferret V5.0(pre-BETA) for Irix 6

  **** Ferret V5.0 (Pre-Beta) Available for SGI Irix 6 ****

The Irix 6 version of Ferret V5.0, one of the Cooperatively Supported
operating systems, is now available.

Many thanks go to James Potemra for this port of Ferret V5.0 to the Irix
6.5 OS

NOTE: This is a pre-beta version of Ferret V5.0. It lacks both the V5
external function framework and the V5 remote data access cabilities
using DODS. If you are experienced with SGI-specific system programming
we could use your help making SGI's dynamically linked libraries perform
correctly. For more details please see the Irix 6 download page below.
DODS networking will be included in a future release.

Irix 5 users: This Irix 6 binary presumably will not run correctly on
Irix 5 systems. The source code, however, is available on request. If
you are willing to volunteer to port to Irix 5, please let us know. We
expect the code to build quickly, since it is already tested on Irix 6.

The following helpful information is available:

Release notes

Download and installation instructions

General Information on Ferret  

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