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animations from ferret

Hello Ferret users

I want to convert ferret hdf files to mpeg to animate on a web browser.  I 
have gone to the FAQ on the Ferret Documentation home page and followed the 
instructions under "How can I make MPEG animations using Ferret?".  After 
decompressing the file MPEGv1.1.tar.Z and using tar to create the necessary 
files and directories I'm can't seem to create the necessary binary mpeg 
(or yuvconvert) using the make command as instructed in the SETUP file.  I 
am working on an SGI machine.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong?  Also, for the developers, it would be 
most useful for Ferret to output mpeg files directly.  Are there any plans 
to do this?

Mark Williams
Supervising Meteorologist
Ph 61 3 9669 4902

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