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netCDF-Irregular Grid


I'm quite new in the Ferret comunity, and in need of some help.

I would like to plot the output of an ocean model
that uses an irregular grid. That means in my case that a 1-D field for
longitude and latitude is not enough, and latitudes and longitudes
are specified as 2-D matrices (lon(lat,lon) and lat (lat,lon)) in
a netCDF file. When I try to use ferret to read the data, I get an error
message because a 1-D field is expected for longitudes and latitudes.
Also I will probably have to interpolate the data to a regular grid, or
can ferret work with that irregular grid?

Hope somebody can help. Thanks,


Victor Ocana                            e-mail: ocana@dkrz.de
Max-Planck Institut fuer Meteorologie   Tlf: 49 40 41173382
Bundesstrasse 55                        Fax: 49 40 41173298
D-20146 Hamburg

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