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Re: Couple of bugs in Ferret 5.

Hi Glenn -

Thanks for the feedback.  The environment tar files have been fixed and
updated in the anonymous ftp area.  Please see


Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused


Glenn Carver wrote:
> Couple of minor things in the currently downloadable version of Ferret 5.
> 1. The template of ferret_paths for the ksh has some bugs in that have have
> been carried over from version 4.  I append a corrected version of
> bin/ferret_paths_ksh_template below.
> 2. In the bin directory (solaris version) I have a file print_ferret_docs which
> is a link to ../doc/print_ferret_docs, however this file doesn't exist and I
> can't find it anywhere.
>       Glenn

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