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Re: Converting 6-hour Data to Daily Averages


I can't tell from your email whether you are using forward tics or back tics (grave accents).   Check out the
Users' Guide section on "embedded expressions":


When using back tics, "Ferret will replace the full grave accent expression, including the accent marks, with
an ASCII string representing the numerical value."  This does work in your example.

-- Jon

Jeremy S Pal wrote:

>   Hi -
> I am trying to compute the daily average of some 6-hourly data.  Does
> anyone know of a way to do this using ferret?
> Also, is it possible to use variables in the arguments defining the plot
> range?  Here are two examples (that do not work) that better describe what
> I want to do:
>    yes? let t1=1
>    yes? let t2=4
>    yes? fill preca[l='t1':'t2']
>  - or -
>    yes? repeat/l=1:20:4 (let t1=l; let t2=l+4; plot/vs/over preca[l='t1':'t2'@ave], swi[l='t1':'t2'@ave])
>   Thank you,
>   - Jeremy

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