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Re: More on Ferret printing

  Paco -  

If your default printer is laser200, simply typing "Fprint -p portrait
metafile.plt" should work (without the -P flag).  Did you try this?

If it is not your default printer, type "setenv PRINTER laser200" (if I
recall correctly).  And then type "Fprint -p portrait metafile.plt".

  - Jeremy

>      I am trying to run Fprint in order to set up a networked printer in Ferret. But I am getting an error
> message any time. I type the folowing:
>       Fprint -P laser200 -p portrait metafile.plt
> and the system answer is:
>      The Fprint script has not been set up to use the -P option
>      yet --  it should work with the default printer
> But it does not work (laser200 is the default printer). What can I do? 

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