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adding labels and problems with line wrap

Hi Curt,

> anyone has had problems with Ferret scripts becoming unstable when you
> cut and paste commands in an editor such as emacs.  I have found that
> adding commands and removing them have create errors such as causing
> common commands (i.e. fill, palette, etc.) to be declared as an unknown
> command or certain command lines not executing.  In one instance, I

Perhaps the line wrap is being interpretted as an end-of-line (carriage
return) when you cut and paste commands into your script. 

>  How
> would I go about placing additional text under the primary plot title?

try using the %label ppl command, e.g.

yes? plot variable_to_be_plotted
yes? ppl %label/nouser 3.25,-1.25,0,0,.18,@CR This is the Real Title

As described in the "advanced commands" in the Plot Plus for Ferret 
Users Guide:

%label/qualifier, x,y,ipos, ang,chsiz,label

   if qualifier is nouser, then x and y are in inches otherwise in user 
   ipos = -1 left, 0 center, 1 right justified
   ang  = angle of label
   chsiz = character size of label in inches
   label = label 

Hope this helps,

Meghan Cronin

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