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Dynamic height plot

Dear ferreters

Does anyone know if I can use PLOT command to make a dynamic height plot?? I 
think Ferret only accpet CONTOUR command with this data!

I have a grid with the definitions below:

define axis/y=4n:15n:1 /unit=degrees ylat
define axis/z=15:1000:5/depth/unit=m prof
define grid/y=ylat/z=prof gpir
file/var="temp,salt,sigma"/col=36/grid=gpir my_data.dat

I used  DYNAMIC_HEIGHT tool and set region/z=15:1000. CONTOUR command is ok but 
when I want to plot only the dynamic height at z=15, the graph is a line with 
value equal zero!!

Thanks for help.



                  Antonio Caetano Vaz Caltabiano
       Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais - SERE II
    P.O. Box 515 - 12201-970 - Sao Jose dos Campos - SP - Brazil
        Phone: +55 (0)12 3456508   FAX: +55 (0)12 3456488
                   E-mail: caetano@ltid.inpe.br

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