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*** Announcing Ferret version 4.91 ***

          * * * Announcing Ferret Version 4.91 * * *

   * * * for Solaris, Digital Unix, Linux and SGI Irix * * *

Annoucing the official version 4.91 of Ferret (mostly fixing bugs from
version 4.90). To install this version, download the file from the
Ferret Web site or anonymous ftp site:

	Web address:   http://www.ferret.noaa.gov/
	anonymous ftp: ftp.ferret.noaa.gov

A BETA version of the framework that will allow user-written FORTRAN
and C functions to be used by Ferret is included in the V4.91 releases
on Solaris and Digital Unix . We will shortly be sending out an
announcement of how to access this feature

****NOTE****: Two additional datasets have been archived in the
ftp://ferret.wrc.noaa.gov/pub/data area.  These are the etopo40 and
etopo5 datasets.  Users of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) will
want to pick these up in order to do fine-resolution solid land
fills. Once downloaded, place these netCDF files into the Ferret
dataset area.

For a list of bug fixes included in this version, and new features added
in V4.9 see:


For general information about Ferret, see:


If you make significant use of Ferret in your analyses or visualizations
leading to publication, we ask that you please acknowledge Ferret in
your publications.  Let us know about your publication by sending
email to ferret@pmel.noaa.gov.

		Happy Ferret-ing!!

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