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Re: reversing axis


You can reverse the potting axes using the /xlimits and /ylimits plotting
options.  For example

def axis/x=1:100:1 xax
def axis/y=0:1000:100 yax
def grid/x=xax/y=yax gg
set grid gg

let var = sin(x/10) * y

shade var
\message ---> Now reverse the y axis

shade/ylim=1000:0:100 var

Here the y axis runs from 0 to 1000; the final plot reverses this axis so that
it is plotted from 1000 to 0.


	Jerry Davison

On Oct 13, 11:35am, Sinead Done wrote:
> Subject: reversing axis
> Hi,
> I have been plotting some data from a radiosonde (ie temperature and
> dewpoint on the x axis against pressure on the y axis), however, my plots
> all come out with pressure increasing on the y-axis. However, because I am
> plotting a profile of the atmosphere, I need the pressure the other way
> around (ie I need it to decrease with height).
> Is there a command which can correct this?
> Thanks,
> Sinead
>-- End of excerpt from Sinead Done


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