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Re: plotting x vs y

On Tue, 27 May 1997, Sinead Done wrote:

> I want to plot y against x, however the table looks something like this
> 		x       y
> 		3.1     32
> 		3.8	50
> 		4.9	57
> 		6.3	77

The problem similar to this one is written in manual, about 
reading ascii file, and also in demo program file_reading_example.jnl

Let your data file is data.dat which consists of two columns of values.
First col are x's and second one are y's
using ferret

? file data.dat
? file/file=x,y/col=2 data.dat

Now your ferret understand what x and y are

Second step you must put your data into a definite grid by using 
one of the GO tool (objective.jnl) . Further, see objective_analysis.jnl
Please let me know if you need more explanation


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