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plotting x vs y


I am new to ferret and I have a really basic question to ask.

Given say, 2 columns of imported ASCII data, in which the first column 
represents x and the second column represents y. 

I want to plot y against x, however the table looks something like this

		x       y
		3.1     32
		3.8	50
		4.9	57
		6.3	77

where the x column is not in equal ratios.

My problem is I can't get ferret to recognise that I want the first 
column to be the x axis and the second column to be the y axis, it just 
plots them both as y variables against constant x values of x=1, x=2, etc 

i.e. it plots

	x	y1	y2
	1	3.1	32
	2	3.8	50
	3	4.9	57
	4	6.3	77

I know this is a really basic problem, but I really don't know what I'm 




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