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V5 Ferret pre-announcement

Hello Ferret-eers,

For your interest here are some of the most significant enhancements
to be available in the next version (V.5) of Ferret. We are not yet able
to give you an estimated release date for V.5 -- a few months at least.

Comments are welcome.


1) Graphics support for sigma and curvilinear coordinate models

The SHADE, CONTOUR, and FILL commands in Ferret will be able directly
to plot non-rectangular (continuous) grids -- especially useful for
sigma-coordinate and curvilinear coordinate model outputs. See example
at http://tmap.pmel.noaa.gov/ferret/New_Features/Projections.html

2) Mapping projections

The same technique that will enable Ferret to plot sigma coordinates
directly will also support a wide range of map projections. See examples
at http://tmap.pmel.noaa.gov/ferret/New_Features/Projections.html.
Scripts will be provided for a number of common map projections.

3) More flexible functions ("grid-changing functions")

A new class of functions will be introduced into Ferret for which the
result of the function may be on a different grid from the original
data. This will enable Ferret to contain well-integrated functions
that perform Fourier transforms , EOFs, etc. For example,

	LET my_spectrum = FFT_AMPLITUDE(my_time_series)

Where the time axis of the variable "my_time_series" is replaced by a
frequency axis in variable "my_spectrum".

4) External functions.

You will be able to use FORTRAN, C and C++ routines that you write as
functions within Ferret. The external functions may be grid-changing
functions. We will make the Ferret Web and ftp sites available as a repository
for shared user-written functions.

5) Internet file access.

Ferret will access remote files over the Internet using the DODS
system (see http://hollywood.gso.uri.edu/DODS/).  A data base of
approximately 10 gigabytes of gridded climatological data that we
currently serve from our Web site (http://www.ferret.noaa.gov)
will be accessible from your desktop simply by installing Ferret V.5.
You will also be able easily to share your own data sets with
others through DODS.

6) Non-windows modes of operation.

The command   "ferret -batch"   will run Ferret in a mode which is
completely detached from any windowing system. GIF graphics will still
be available. This will make it simpler to use Ferret from remote
dial-in terminals, in batch applications, and to embed Ferret
in other applications such as Web servers.


		|  NOAA/PMEL               |  ph. (206) 526-6080  
Steve Hankin	|  7600 Sand Point Way NE  |  FAX (206) 526-6744
		|  Seattle, WA 98115-0070  |  hankin@pmel.noaa.gov

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