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Converting netCDF files in ferret and keeping the time structure

Hi everybody!
I'd like to do the following:
I intend to store my model output in netCDF. The model runs on land 
globally. Because I get results on land only anyway, I want to store
my results for the land points only as well and not on a global grid.
Yet I want to use ferret to visualize and process the data. Now, ferret
needs a global grid. Thanks to Steve I use the objective go tool for 
gridding my data on a full global grid from the lat, lon data of each 
grid box for which I have a model result. That works fine for one field.
Now in fact I have really monthly, .... output for a couple of 
variables... Thus what I'd really like to do is to grid a chuck of
data and transfer all the attributes, variable names and the time 
structure, etc.(?) of the my original netCDF file into the new file 
with the gridded data. I tried a couple of ways with some combinations
of repeat and intermediate files, but couldn't succeed. 
I'd be happy about any suggestions, thoughts - solutions?
Thanks for your time and thoughts

Jörg Kaduk                                phone:  +1 (415) 325 1521 ext 416
Carnegie Institution of Washington        fax:    +1 (415) 325 6857
Department of Plant Biology
290 Panama Street                         
Stanford, CA 94305                        e-mail: joerg@jasper.stanford.edu

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