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Re: coloured labels


	There is a way to do this, unfortunately it isn't as flexible as the
Ferret and PPLUS manuals would seem to indicate. Maybe there is a bug in Ferret
or at least the SGI version that leads to this problem. I will first give the
general solution, and then detail the limitations I have found.

First, you define a Color index with the color you want:

	yes? ppl color n,red,green,blue

Where n is a color index and (red,green,blue) are color intensities ranging
from 0 to 100. Then you imbed a color command in the label you want:

	yes? ppl labs,n,X,Y,JST,"@CnnnLABEL"

Where @Cnnn is the above color index (must be 3 digits, e.g. 017), and the rest
are as defined in the PPLUS manual.

The limitation I have found is that this only seems to work if you use an n
between 0 and 6 only. 0 and 1 are reserved so this only leaves 2 through 6, and
this can be a pain if you have multiple lines since you will change the pen
colors for pens 2 through 6 - unless you change the color index associated with
that pen.....

So here is an example:

	yes? shade/set land                    ! Set up black land plot
	yes? ppl color 6,100,100,100           ! Define color index 6 as white
	yes? ppl labs,1,40,30,0,"@C006Europe"  ! Label the continent in white
	yes? ppl shade                         ! Draw plot with white label.

Of couse you can do all the normal hlab, rlab, and font commands as usual.

 Hope this helps, Mark


	      Mark Verschell (verschell@coaps.fsu.edu)
	      Center for Ocean and Atmospheric Prediction Studies
	      Florida State University
              2035 E. Paul Dirac Drive
              R.M. Johnson Bldg. - Suite 200
	      Tallahassee, FL  32306-3041
	      (904) 644-6532              (904) 644-4841 (fax)

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