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Three ferret questions

Dear Ferrets,

there are 3 issues that I sometimes encounter when writing ferret go 
files which I have not found good solutions for yet.

1. I want to plot temp[k=kmax] say, where kmax is not a constant but a 
field kmax(i,j), e.g. to plot temperature along the sea bottom. More 
generally I sometimes would like to use within the [] a variable that I 
can define or calculate earlier in a go file.

2. If statements. I use models of different resolutions etc. but don't 
want to keep seperate go files for each model although certain plots 
need to be handled differently for each model (e.g. they use a different 
mask for the Atlantic etc). What I would like is something like setting
'let model=2' at the beginning of a ferret session and then select 
certain options in each go file by something like 
'if model eq 2 ....' 
I don't feel the $1 etc parameters can quite do what I want.

3. How can I e.g. subtract a 2-d field from a 3-d field, e.g. if I 
wanted to subtract the temperature at level 1 (at each i,j) from the 
temperatures at every level (for the same i,j)? (There are useful 
applications for this e.g. to define a mixed layer depth.)

Hope for some ideas!




Dr Stefan Rahmstorf
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
PO Box 60 12 03
14412 Potsdam

E-mail:  rahmstorf@pik-potsdam.de
Tel:     +49 331 2781 160  (home: +49 331 715429)
Fax:     +49 331 2781 204  (home: +49 331 715429)

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