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Re: [ferret_users] building ferret configuring site_specific.mk

Hi Karl,

On Sat, Oct 6, 2018 at 1:01 AM Karl Smith - NOAA Affiliate <karl.smith@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
PyFerret is a Python module that wraps the Ferret engine.  So all the Ferret functionality is present, but being a Python module has enable the improvements mentioned above.  Often just the first two items above are enough to convince users to use PyFerret instead of Ferret.  There has been some graphics display (Qt) issues with PyFerret on the latest Mac OSX systems, but it appears those are getting resolved.

Is there a conda way to install PyFerret on Linux ?

I'd like to migrate to PyFerret and then I would start to use PyFerret-specific features like the nicer color control.  But it's not installed on any of our Linux servers and so I would have to ask our sysadmin to install PyFerret.  But then, the traditional way of Ferret installation involves a lot of manual work and I'd hesitate to ask him to do that just for me.

In contrast, the conda way is just one command if conda has already been installed.  The installation of conda is perhaps just one more command on the existing package manager.  Then I don't have to hesitate to ask our sysadmin.


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