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[ferret_users] which climatology should I use

Dear ferreters,

I have a monthly rainfall .nc file which has Gregorian calendar. I wanted to compute climatology for each month. I tried with  "MONTH_GREGORIAN@MOD", tried with pick every month out then take the average, "repeat/i=1:12:1 let pr_`i`=pr[T=`i`:480:12]; repeat/i=1:12:1 let pr_`i`_clim=pr_`i`[T=@AVE]", tried with sum them up then divide them by the total years  "repeat/i=1:12:1 let pr_`i`_clim_sumave=pr_`i`[T=@SUM]/40". I compared these results and found that none of them were the same. Any suggestions on which climatology should I use? By the way, for the Gregorian calendar, if I want to make the rain rates by month, is there a better way than *60*60*24*(days of the month)? 

Attach are the December climatology comparison figures I made. 

My script was as follows:
set region/X=-30:70/Y=-40:40
let pr_mod=pr[gt=MONTH_GREGORIAN@MOD]
repeat/i=1:12:1 let pr_`i`=pr[T=`i`:480:12]
repeat/i=1:12:1 let pr_`i`_clim=pr_`i`[T=@AVE]
repeat/i=1:12:1 let pr_`i`_clim_sumave=pr_`i`[T=@SUM]/40  
repeat/i=1:9:1 (contour/fill/palette=blue_darkred (pr_`i`_clim_sumave-pr_`i`_clim)*60*60*24*30; frame/file=0`i`_CNRM.png)
repeat/i=10:12:1 (contour/fill/palette=blue_darkred (pr_`i`_clim_sumave-pr_`i`_clim)*60*60*24*30; frame/file=`i`_CNRM.png)

Thank you very much. 😸

Attachment: dec_mod_ave.png
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Attachment: dec_mod_ave_sumave.png
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Attachment: dec_mod_sumave.png
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