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[ferret_users] No error messages

Hi everyone,


I’m having a problem with ferret in that it isn’t giving me any errors messages. For example, I’ll try to load some data, it won’t load, but it won’t return any messages, it will just go to the next line as if it’s been successful, but there will be no data loaded. Example:


ferret -nojnl

               NOAA/PMEL TMAP

               FERRET v6.5 

                Linux(g77) 2.6.9-89.ELsmp - 04/06/10

               24-Sep-18 09:19    


yes? use f30201_A3hr_inst_aj575_4km_200702300300-200703010000.nc

yes? sh d

     currently SET data sets:



Or I’ll run a journal script and it will stop partway through, again with no messages. I haven’t had this problem with ferret before. It is an issue with and without using a journal.


I’ve just recently moved to a different computer system. I’m now running ferret on a gnome terminal on CentOS, if it’s relevant.


Has anyone else had this problem?



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