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[ferret_users] Regarding ferret installation

Hello ferret users!

I have been trying to install ferret on a 64-bit Ubuntu 16.4 system. I have, as of now tried installing a couple of versions 7.2, 7.4. 

I have been following the ferret installation example pdf given on the ferret installation website. At the end of installation, when I try to source ferret, I always get the message 

"ferret is not currently installed on this system. To install ferret, you can use sudo apt -install ferret"

I have crosschecked the paths and tried running Finstall a couple of times. Could anyone possibly know where I am going wrong? Does it have something to do with the Ubuntu version? My student has installed Ferret 0.6, but we removed it later. 

Please help!

Dr. Aditi Deshpande

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