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[ferret_users] Regriding issue

Hi All:
I have a data set for about 35 years. Now I need to extract part of the domain, and for specific months only.
I used the following commands to regrid the data like

def axis/z=1:12:1 zmon
def axis/t=1980:2005:1 tyr
let outgrd = x[gx=xin]+y[gy=xin]+T[gt=tyr]+Z[gz=zmon]

let xnew = reshape(xin,outgrd)

Then I try to list the data out in ASCII format as

set region/z=4:5
list/clob/file="Test1_4and5.txt" xnew

But when I checked the file Test1_4and5.txt the output data include ALL months, not only April and May as I requested.

What went wrong?
Thank you!

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