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[ferret_users] Installation problem

Hy   alll
               I have installed the ferret v7.2 in ubuntu 16.04 lts in root.
 my FER_DIR --> /usr/local/ferret/,
'fer_executables.tar.gz' location --> /home/gopal/Downloads/
FER_DSETS --> /home/gopal/DATA/
 ferret_paths link to create? (c/s/n) [n] --> s
Created /usr/local/ferret_paths.csh
Created /usr/local/ferret_paths.sh
Created /usr/local/ferret_paths
     as a link to ferret_paths.sh
/usr/local/ferret/bin# source /usr/local/ferret_paths.

But when in am trying to run ferret by
gopal@gopal-VPCEB4L9E:/usr/local$ ferret
bash: /usr/local/ferret/bin/ferret: No such file or directory

please help ...
thanks in advance

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