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Re: [ferret_users] Irregular depth from delimited file

Hi Karnan,

I have to generate a time series vertical plot of nutrient or any data.
In which I need y=depth and x=collection dates/numbers.
My delimited data set contains 5 columns such as depth, collection,
data1, data2, data3.
My collection is regular from 1 to 18 but the depths of each
collection were irregular.
I have tried with some earlier queries and methods.
I can define time axis (regular), but I can't find a solution for
depth (irregular).

I haven't looked at details of your data, but here is a snipped of the code to plot a depth-distance distribution of oxygen by regridding the the irregular depths to a regular grid:

   define axis/z=0:6000:100/depth/units="meters" depax ! New depth axis
   define axis/x . . . .  horax
   define grid/x=horax/z=depax  mygrid
   FILE/VAR="station,depth,oxygen"/GRID=mygrid/order=ZX oxygen.dat
   let oxy = ZAXREPLACE(oxygen, depth, z[gz=depax])

The trick is ZAXREPLACE .  See the Ferret manual.

Hope this helps,


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