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Re: [ferret_users] having trouble with ppl plot

I tried as you said

        plot/thick=3/set/nolab/vlim=-30:60:5 adcp_clim[z=40:100@ave]
        go legend 1 "ADCP" ul
        go legend 2 "ORAS4" ul
        go legend 3 "ORAP5" ul
        go legend 4 "GODAOP" ul
        go legend 5 "GODASP1" ul
        go legend 6 "SODA2" ul
        go legend 7 "SODA3" ul
        go legend 8 "GFDL" ul
        go legend 9 "K7" ul
        go legend 10 "DASK" ul
        go legend 11 "ENSEMBLE" ul
        ppl plot

        plot/thick=1/over/nolab/vlim=-30:60:5 oras4_clim[z=40:100@ave]
        plot/thick=1/over/nolab/vlim=-30:60:5 orap5_clim[z=40:100@ave]
        plot/thick=1/over/nolab/vlim=-30:60:5 godasop_clim[z=40:100@ave]
        plot/thick=1/over/nolab/vlim=-30:60:5 godasp1_clim[z=40:100@ave]
        plot/thick=1/over/nolab/vlim=-30:60:5 soda2_clim[z=40:100@ave]
        plot/thick=1/over/nolab/vlim=-30:60:5 soda3_clim[z=40:100@ave]
        plot/thick=1/over/nolab/vlim=-30:60:5 gfdl_clim[z=40:100@ave]
        plot/thick=1/over/nolab/vlim=-30:60:5 k7_clim[z=40:100@ave]
        plot/thick=1/over/nolab/vlim=-30:60:5 dask_clim[z=40:100@ave]
        plot/thick=3/over/nolab/vlim=-30:60:5 ensemble_clim[z=40:100@ave]

Still getting same problem with the legends, please see the attached figure


On Tue, Jun 13, 2017 at 10:35 PM, Ansley C. Manke <ansley.b.manke@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

PPL PLOT  always comes after a PLOT/SET_UP command.  So you would do it this way,

plot/set var1
go legend ...
go legend ...
go legend ...
ppl plot

plot/nolab/over var2
plot/nolab/over var3
plot/nolab/over var4

On 6/13/2017 8:51 AM, Arijeet Dutta wrote:
Hi all
I am trying to plot depth averaged climatology (which I have already calculated, not shown here)  with the following

    plot/thick=3/nolab/over oras4_clim[z=40:100@ave]
    plot/nolab/over orap5_clim[z=40:100@ave]
    plot/nolab/over godasop_clim[z=40:100@ave]
    plot/nolab/over godasp1_clim[z=40:100@ave]
    plot/nolab/over soda2_clim[z=40:100@ave]
    plot/nolab/over soda3_clim[z=40:100@ave]
    plot/nolab/over gfdl_clim[z=40:100@ave]
    plot/nolab/over k7_clim[z=40:100@ave]
    plot/nolab/over dask_clim[z=40:100@ave]
    plot/thick=3/nolab/over ensemble_clim[z=40:100@ave]

    go legend 1 "ORAS4" lr
    go legend 2 "ORAP5" lr
    go legend 3 "GODAOP" lr
    go legend 4 "GODASP1" lr
    go legend 5 "SODA2" lr
    go legend 6 "SODA3" lr
    go legend 7 "GFDL" lr
    go legend 8 "K7" lr
    go legend 9 "DASK" lr
    go legend 10 "ENSEMBLE" lr
    ppl plot

I want to make ORAS4 and ENSEMBLE thicker
and what I am getting is the attached figure, which is the plot for only the ensemble
Please let me know the mistake


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