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Re: [ferret_users] Looping over multiple input files to plot file variables and save to png


Below is a quick example of how to loop over your filenames.

  let filenames = {spawn:"ls basinmasks"} !Vector of filenames
  let numfiles = `filenames,return=iend`  !Number of files

  can win/all

! Loop over list of filenames and make plot
  repeat/range=1:`numfiles`/name=in (let filename = filenames[i=`in`] ; \
        def sym filen basinmasks/`filename` ; \
	use ($filen)                        ; \
	set win/new                         ; \
	shade temp[k=1] )

! Note:
!  To test this example, I made a subdirectory, did a cd to that, and then
!  made symolic links of 2 files (fileA.nc, fileB.nc), both to
!  the same "levitus_climatology.cdf" file in the ferret distribution.

-- Jim

On Tue, 2 May 2017, Durack, Paul J. wrote:

Thanks Russ, so how do I then loop over the entries:


let filenames = SPAWN("/bin/ls -1 basinmask/*.nc")

! How do I loop over filenames?

!REPEAT/RANGE=1: ($filenames)


! Then plot

use ($filename)

set win 1

sha basinmask4

frame/file="($outpath)($filename).png" ! How to I replace *.nc in the filename with *.png?

cancel win 1






From: <owner-ferret_users@xxxxxxxx> on behalf of Russ Fiedler <russell.fiedler@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Monday, May 1, 2017 at 5:36 PM
To: "ferret_users@xxxxxxxx" <ferret_users@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [ferret_users] Looping over multiple input files to plot file variables and save to png


Hi Paul,

Rather than writing your filenames to a file you can create a variable using the SPAWN function directly.

let filenames = SPAWN("/bin/ls -1 basinmask/*.nc")

Another way would be to create the file as you are at the moment and read it in via a spawn and 'cat' command

let filenames = SPAWN("cat filenames.txt")

I'd prefer the first method.


On 02/05/17 08:20, Durack, Paul J. wrote:

      I have 51 netcdf files in a directory, and want to loop over each of these and for each plot the contents of a
      gridded variable and save this to a png file, using pyferret 7.1


      I’ve been struggling with syntax, and am getting “**TMAP ERR: non-existent or not on line  filenames.txt”, with the
      following partial code:


      spawn "ls basinmask/*.nc > filenames.txt" ! This is generating a file, but if I could create the filelist in memory
      this step could be removed

      FILE/FORMAT=DELIMITED/var="filenames" filenames.txt ! < This generates the error

      say "processing: ",($file) ! don’t get to here



      The plot and save command will be a simple:


      > sha basinmask4 ! Each file contains the same named variable

      > frame/file=”($mypath)($myfile).png”


      Can someone help me out to fill in the missing logic/syntax here?






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