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[ferret_users] Re: [ferret_users] Re: [ferret_users] [ferret_users] 20° E seems to be magic

Hi Martin,

Did you try to use explicitly "20E" instead of "-20"?  fill/l=1/grat/x=20E:40W/y=60S:0N sst
Also, try to do a simple "go land 1" after you filled your figure, to see if the continents are placed correctly according to the lon/lat (if not, then it may be a problem of coordinates in your data)


2017-01-27 11:51 GMT+00:00 baris onol <onolba@xxxxxxxxxx>:
how about this one?

yes? shade/l=1/x=-20:40/y=-60:0/over sst
yes? fill/l=1/x=-20.5:40.5/y=-60:0/over sst
yes? shade/over/lev=(100)/pal=grey/x=-20:40/y=-60:0 missing(sst[l=1],100)

On 01/27/2017 02:09 PM, Martin Schmidt wrote:
Dear ferreters,

I had to compile my pyferret by myself, so I am not sure if the subsequent bug is a general one.

        PyFERRET v7 (opt)
        Linux 3.19.0-64-generic - 07/01/16

yes? use coads_climatology
yes? fill/l=1/grat/x=-20:40/y=-60:0 sst
yes? shade/over /lev=(100)/pal=grey missing(sst[l=1],100)

In my figure the land west of 20°E remains white.

The result for
yes? fill/l=1/grat/x=340:400/y=-60:0 sst
yes? shade/over /lev=(100)/pal=grey missing(sst[l=1],100)
is complementary.

I find also non-filled points in the function fill_xy near 20°E, where information on adjacent ocean points seems to be "blocked" at 20°E. This looks like if the same error is behind the scene, but in the above example the problem is most obvious.

Setting a region before calling the plot commands, everything is fine for this example:
yes? set region/x=-20:40/y=-60:0
yes? fill/l=1/grat sst
yes? shade/over /lev=(100)/pal=grey missing(sst[l=1],100)

But with fill_xy there is still one point not filled at 20°E.

Seems that 20°E is still a magic boundary?

So my question: For safe code, should it generally avoided to specify regions withing the plot commands? Is there another idea to get safe code.


Nicolas Freychet
PDRA, School of Geosciences
University of Edinburgh

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