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[ferret_users] [ferret_users] 20° E seems to be magic

Dear ferreters,

I had to compile my pyferret by myself, so I am not sure if the subsequent bug is a general one.

        PyFERRET v7 (opt)
        Linux 3.19.0-64-generic - 07/01/16

yes? use coads_climatology
yes? fill/l=1/grat/x=-20:40/y=-60:0 sst
yes? shade/over /lev=(100)/pal=grey missing(sst[l=1],100)

In my figure the land west of 20°E remains white.

The result for
yes? fill/l=1/grat/x=340:400/y=-60:0 sst
yes? shade/over /lev=(100)/pal=grey missing(sst[l=1],100)
is complementary.

I find also non-filled points in the function fill_xy near 20°E, where information on adjacent ocean points seems to be "blocked" at 20°E. This looks like if the same error is behind the scene, but in the above example the problem is most obvious.

Setting a region before calling the plot commands, everything is fine for this example:
yes? set region/x=-20:40/y=-60:0
yes? fill/l=1/grat sst
yes? shade/over /lev=(100)/pal=grey missing(sst[l=1],100)

But with fill_xy there is still one point not filled at 20°E.

Seems that 20°E is still a magic boundary?

So my question: For safe code, should it generally avoided to specify regions withing the plot commands? Is there another idea to get safe code.


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