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[ferret_users] query regarding the calculation of zonally averaged ocean heat content in joules rather than joules/m^2

Dear Ferreters,

i want to calculate the total energy from the ocean heat content analysis. suppose i want to calculate for indian ocean (20E:120E, 30N:65S) in the following way

1) for heat content calculation i am having temperature and density data so i calculated the heat content from 0m-700m

use ptemp_new.nc
use pden_new.nc

sh da

let temp1=ptemp[d=1,y=63N:64S]
let dens1=pden[d=2,y=63N:64S]

let cp=3992
let heat=dens1*cp*temp1
let ohcg=heat[z=0:700@din]

repeat/l=1:142:1 (save/append/file=ohc_globe.nc ohcg;set mem/size=700)

2) i use this heat content file for the total energy calculation

use ohc_globe.nc

let ohc2=ohcg/10^22        !!!!!!!! for scaling !!!

use climatological_axes
cancel data climatological_axes
let ohc_cli=ohc2[gt=month_`ohc2,return=cal`@mod] !<<<<<<<<<<<forurisional file<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<!
let ohc_anm1=ohc2-ohc_cli[gt=ohc2@asn]

define axis/edges/t/units=months/t0=15-dec-2004/t=15-jan-2005:15-nov-2016:1/calendar=360_days tmonthly
let ohc_new=ohc_anm1[gt=tmonthly@asn]

define axis/edges/t/units=years/t=15-jan-2005:15-oct-2016:1/calendar=360_days t_yearly
let ohc_year=ohc_new[gt=t_yearly@ave]

let ohc_diff=ohc_year[l=12]-ohc_year[l=1]

let ohc_diff_zonal_indi=(ohc_year[l=12,x=20E:120E@ave]-ohc_year[l=1,x=20E:120E@ave])*(120-20)*(63+64)*1000000*110*110

!!!!!!!!!! here total longitudinal distance is (120-20)*110*1000 and similarly for latitudinal distance (63+64)*110*10000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is this the correct way to calculate the zonally averaged total heat content in joules as we already averaged in longitudes. But if i calculate the ocean heat content in joules/m^2 then results vary significantly i am attaching both the figures.

please note :- both the figures are having different units joules and joules/m^2



Saurabh Rathore
Research Scholar (PhD.)
Centre For Oceans, Rivers, Atmosphere & Land Science Technology
Indian Institute Of Technology, Kharagpur
contact :- 91- 8345984434

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