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Re: [ferret_users] plotting U and V wind and wind speed


For the viewports where the plots are not colored, you have forgotten to put the /OVERLAY qualifier on the vector command, so all you are seeing is the vector plot.

For the color key, the VECTOR command has to come after the PPL FILL, not before it. The sequence should look like this:

fill/nolabel/set_up/level=(-inf)(0,10,2)(inf) U6_spd
ppl shakey, ...
ppl fill

vector/over ...
go land ...


On 9/10/2016 1:02 AM, afwande juliet wrote:

Dear ALL
I know I had posted same question early
Ansley gave me a good piece of advice which I tried but not successful

Actually what I need is the one common Key  of windspeed and am wondering why some of the plot is colored. I dont know how to remove the colored background.
I would appreciate further help
Attached is my data and script and .gif image for winds for further help

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