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[ferret_users] PPL LABSET curiosities


With the PPL LABSET commands I try to change properties before plotting
the labels.

The documentation [1]:

> Sets character heights for labels. (also see LABS, RLABS, LLABS)
> HLAB1 = main label default=.16 inches
> HXLAB = x - label default=.12 inches
> HYLAB = y - label default=.12 inches
> HLABS = movable labels default=.12 inches

What does "height" mean?

In my experience:
HLAB1 changes the *size* of the x-label (but is limited to 0.23 or so)
HXLAB changes the *location* of the x-label

[1]: http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/Ferret/documentation/users-guide/appendix-b-pplus-guide/COMMAND-DESCRIPTION#AppendixB_labset



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