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[ferret_users] Correlation space-point

Dear Ferret users,

I am trying to compute a correlation between mean precipitation over a region and winds over a larger scale region. What I want to obtain actually is a correlation between [each grid point of the wind data] and [the precipitation of one special location]

So I tried something like:

let p=precip[d=1,x=110e:145e@ave,y=22n:45n@ave]
let q=ua[d=2,x=110e:145e,y=22n:45n]
go variance

But obviously, because there is a 2D variable and a 3D variable, Ferret cannot compute it directly. Do you have any suggestion?

(I'm thinking maybe to create a file on the same grid as Wind, and just copy the Precip on each grid point, and the just compute the spatial correlation over space, but maybe there is a more simple solution?)


Nicolas Freychet
Postdoc Reseach Fellow at RCEC
Academia Sinica

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