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[ferret_users] filling the gap with a given single value

Dear ferret users,
            I calculated Heat content ratio(HCR) between top 50 meters heat content(HC50) and HC above 20 degrees isotherm (HC_D20).  HCR is infinity ( when HC_D20 is zero or not available ie,. 20 deg isotherm reaches surface) which causes big white patches in the fill plot. I want to fill those white patche (data gap) with a value 1 without filling other missing data in coastal regions. MISSING funtion is useful but it is filling other missing data also (for example land region). Please let me know how can i make a logic to achieve it. Ferret script lines which i used for plotting are as follows. Please see attached example figure.
        use temp.cdf
        let d20 = temp[z=@loc:20]
        let mask_d20 = IF z[g=temp] LT d20 THEN 1
        let temp_d20 = mask_d20*temp
        let HCR= HC50/HC_D20
        fill/l=1/levels=(-inf)(0.2,1,0.1)(inf) HCR

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