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[ferret_users] how to change a time series steps to days and plotting for a specific depth

Hi everyone,
I forgot to mention in my last email that I actually want to reset the time axis from 7969 steps to 365 days while plotting for a specific depth. I use this code but it ignores the depth specifications.
Def axis/t=1:365/npoint=7969/units=days Days_axis

Yes? Let temp_on_time=RESHAPE(temp,[gt=temp_on_time])

Yes? Plot temp_on_time

...now i want to plot temp graph for water layer 20. (Z=20), but don't know how to include it! Normally if I write 
plot temp[z=20] it plots for this layer but taxis is in time step. I want to keep the same command but just on taxis in days unit.
Could any one please help me.
Thank you,

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