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[ferret_users] How to calculate Thermosteric and Steric Sea Level Rise?

Dear FERRET users,
I want to calculate steric (thermosteric + halosteric) and then only thermosteric sea level rise (SLR) using FERRET. Actually we calculate steric and thermosteric SLR using ocean density (Rho), generally In Situ density. We know that density itself is function of Salinity and Temperature. Actually what we do is that we calculate this SLR simply by measuring Specific Volume i.e. 1/Rho.
Now this SLR (Specific Volume) tells us steric change which is because of Temperature and Salinity.
What should I do If I wanted only Thermosteric SLR component. I have to get rid of salinity contribution.
Can some one please write the exact formula for thermosteric SLR?

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